Desperate Disco Zoo

</img> In her first work of pure philosphy, Simone de Beavoir explored the fable of Pyrrhus and Cineas. Cineas asks the Greek General Pyrrhus what he will do when wins his next victory. The answer is an endless string of victories, each requiring the next. But when it is all done and their is nothing left to conquer, then, Pyrrhus says, he will rest. “Why not rest now?” asks Cineas.

But this is the wrong approach, as de Beauvoir points out. Just because something will end doesn’t mean it should be skipped or is therefore worthless. We establish our own goal and ambitions, and succeed or fail based on our own standards. This is how we interact with the world, how we express and realize our own existence.

So maybe you can justify to yourself the endless loop that is Disco Zoo. I cannot, so I will move on to other projects, perhaps one that doesn’t feel so desperately manipulative of me, my wallet, and the time I have to spend before my inevitable cremation.

From a visual standpoint, however, I’m sure we can all learn from the lovely pixel-art graphics, but then again a screenshot might be more than enough for that.

Written on June 8, 2016