Flight Control (Demo) Review


Who will help me land this plane? Not I, said the cat.

Imagine working hard to become better at your job. It’s an important job, and one you seem to have some aptitude for. But apparenty, everyone else in the entire world is a useless, sponging slacker, because the better you are, the more work there seems to be for you to do. What follows is the inevitable descent into screaming madness as, hampered by overwork, you begin to deteriorate, flailing to keep up with the escalating burden of responsibility placed upon you. It’s a mad world.

To get a sample of that, play “Flight Control” on Android. I played the Free Demo, maybe pay for it if you want, or not? It’s wonderfully satisfying to queue up a long line of planes and watching them all land safely as your fingers dart across the screen like a public-service spider. But there is no reward, and no goal to be achieved. It’s just an exercise in seeing how far you can be pushed before breaking. The only difference between it and a job is that no one comes around to tell you to “do more with less”, but since you’re already doing it for free I guess that makes sense.

Written on June 14, 2016