DEVBLOG - (chrome web store fun!)

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Here are some thoughts as I continue to try various ways of publishing my game Right now I am working on a Chrome Web Store version, which basically means writing a manifest, creating some new thumbnails and promo pictures (with the appropriate - and unique - aspect ratios of course). And also, dealing with Google’s unique api for the things I had programmed a long time ago and forgotten about.

Fortunately Chrome is an up-to-date browser. That’s the advantage of JavaScript development in general, I think. I have yet to try any kind of mobile export (like with PhoneGap - is that still around?), but the fact that its all based on webkit is just lovely. But Chrome doesn’t want me to use localStorage, it wants me to use chrome storage, which led me to an interesting (frustrating) problem.

localStorage uses a simple ‘get’ function to retrieve stored information by the given key

var playerData = localStorage.get('playerData');  // simple as that!

chrome does it differently, however'playerData', function (result) {
  console.log('what do I do now?');
  var playerData = result.playerData;

The problem is, I was happily relying on all this happening sequentially, so I would load my saved playerData, then create the main menu and show the player progress. Now, however, since Google decided to get all cute with callback functions, I couldn’t rely on this anymore. Here’s my solution:

this.loadPlayerData();      // loads player data from chrome local storage
var t = this;
  var s = setInterval(function () {
    if (t.ready) {
}, 100);

loadPlayerData: function () {
  var t = this;'playerData', function (result) {
    t.playerData = result.playerData;
    t.ready = true;

A lot of this is probably the result of not wanting to go back and refactor things so they actually make coherent sense, and I believe that the latest version of JavaScript lets me avoid the ‘var t = this’ workaround, but this is my solution to Chrome’s callback insistence. I thought you’d like to know.

Written on April 23, 2016